Disposable plasticware offering a wide range of innovative products for all laboratories.

  • Containers

    Introducing the next generation of 24-HR urine collection containers.

  • Histology Family

    Biopsy Foam Pads, Cassettes for Printers, Cytology Funnels, Disposable Base Molds, Dissecting Boards, Drain Racks, Embedding Rings, Microscope Slide Folder, Microscope Slide Mailer, Microscope Slide Staining Systems, Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, Microscope Slide Tray, Modular Storage Drawers, Prefilled, Specimen Containers, Tissue Capsules, Tissue Cassettes with Metal Lid, Tissue/Biopsy Cassettes with Plastic Lid.

  • Biotube Family

    Simport offers a wide choice of racks containing 96 x 1.2 ml tubes (8.8 mm top dia. x 45 mm H, or strips of 8 or 12. Tubes, strips, caps and boxes are available as separate units as well. The racks hold the tubes in the standard microtiter configuration of 8 x 12 and are available sterile or non sterile. The racks can be autoclaved up to 100 times.

  • Bioblock Family

    These specially designed non sterile deep well plates are available in polypropylene (model T110-6 is made of polystyrene). They conform to the SBS standard footprint and are identical in size to 96-well microtiter plates. These rugged plates are compatible with all leading robotic sample processors, automated liquid handling systems and 8- & 12- channel pipettors. Will withstand temperatures up to 121 °C (except T110-6 polystyrene plate). Polypropylene plates are fully compatible with deep freezing work, down to -196 °C. Six sizes are available.

  • Cryovial Family

    The Simport Cryovial ® Family is the most complete line of cryogenic vials available today. Designed for storing cells, blood, serum and other biological fluids at temperatures as low as -196 °C, these sturdy polypropylene vials offer a high level of chemical resistance.

  • PCR Family

    Driven by innovation, research and product development, Simport is a world leading laboratory products design and manufacturing company. Since 1975, Simport has developed, manufactured and marketed a broad range of innovative disposables to improve research techniques and methods. Our products are distributed worldwide through reputable laboratory and medical products distributors. Some of our superior quality products are also distributed under private label by some of the world’s leadinglaboratory products manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Microtube Family

    A tube for every application.

  • Chemical and Physical Properties

    Chemical Resistance and Physical Properties of Plastics.